Why use us?

Why use us?

We’ll be hands-on through every stage of the process. From securing the site, its promotion through the intricacies of the UK planning system right the way through to the end sale.


We will be meticulous in identifying the landowners' goals, timescales and appetite for risk, and only then will we recommend the right way to go forward.


Our relationship with landowners is important and is often developed over many years. It’s important to spend the time getting to know what our mutual interests are as it ensures a successful outcome.


Communication, communication, communication. Keeping all the interested parties involved in a project is vital so all are fully briefed via regular and detailed reporting.


We fund all planning and promotion costs, legal fees and only employ top quality consultants, whilst at the same time, making sure that costs are proportionate to the opportunity.


Langton Developments has highly skilled and experienced professionals who know how to maximise land values with the minimum cost. And, we have the expertise to gain planning where others may fail.

We have proven ability at site assembly, planning negotiation and solving complex technical issues and legal difficulties.We are able to make decisions quickly and efficiently and have the funds available for immediate investment. Our link with Langton Homes allows us to demonstrate deliverability of a scheme where necessary. This, together with their exceptional product and reputation can often significantly enhance the sites chances of securing planning permission.

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