What we do

What we do

In order to maximize the value of a site ahead of development, it’s important to be able to effectively promote the land through the planning system.

And we are fully equipped to do just that. This process includes:

We assess the current or future potential of Brownfield or Greenfield land suitable for development.

We use our extensive experience promoting landholdings through all stages of the planning process from local plan examination, allocation and ultimately securing planning permission.

We are very commercial in our approach and ensure that S106 agreements including affordable housing contributions are achievable.

We plan everything very carefully and carry out a detailed infrastructure design to ensure the most cost effective and commercially viable scheme is delivered.

We engage with members of the local community and key stakeholders throughout the process.

“Our flexible approach means that we are happy to look at a variety of deal structures. This can be led by you or you can use the extensive knowledge of our team to help you to determine which route is right for you.”

Anna Roberts, Langton Developments

Freehold Purchases

We are happy to consider an outright purchase of your land at a value reflecting its development potential or to make an offer on a subject to planning basis.

If the land represents a long term strategic opportunity we can offer to purchase the land at its current value but reserve an uplift for the vendor once permission is achieved.

Option Agreements

For landowners who want to retain ownership, we are happy to enter an ‘Option Agreement’ this allows us to take responsibility for promoting the land with the right to buy at the planning permission stage.

This purchase would be less than market value to reflect our input and risk associated with promoting the land.

Promotion Agreements

As an alternative to the Option basis, we are also happy to promote the land under a ‘Promotional Agreement’ where all or part of the land is sold on the open market.


Joint Ventures

A further option is to enter into a joint venture to promote the land and maximise its value through the planning process.

Once the planning consent has been received, the sale is made on the open market and Langton Developments receives a share from the proceeds.

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